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Case Study: Reducing Manual AP Work at LCB Senior Living

A healthy senior living community relies on many layers of support staff, from those providing resident care to everyone keeping the lights on. The support staff at each community look to a Business Office Director (BOD) to make it all work.

The role is demanding: it balances human resources, payroll, management, and community-level accounting, including accounts payable (AP). A good BOD knows their communities inside and out—it’s nearly impossible to hire from outside the industry. 

At LCB Senior Living, BODs were turning over at a concerning rate due to burnout. Amid their varied, complex duties, many were also drowning in repetitive manual invoice processing. 

Managing manual AP processes continued to be a challenge for BODs at LCB Senior Living even after streamlining their approval processes with Yardi payscan. The team at LCB turned to Predict AP to further automate their AP processes in hopes of further alleviating the administrative burden on their BOD staff. 

“PredictAP reduced time spent on the keypunching of data in the first month of use. And that time savings increased as the system ‘learned’ out AP coding.”

Leo Jacques, Controller, LCB Senior Living

After an onboarding period of mere weeks, LCB’s team was reaping the benefits of a fully automated invoice processing system. With PredictAP, BODs at LCB Senior living were able to reclaim valuable time previously spent on manual invoice coding, and are instead able to focus on the most important aspect of their work: supporting community residents. 

Read the Full Case Study

Learn more about how LCB Senior Living realized efficiency gains and retained key staff members with PredictAP in our full case study. Download it here.