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Take the North America real estate CXO tech survey

We're launching our inaugural North America Real Estate CXO Technology Survey, in partnership with REdirect Consulting

Real estate leaders are riding a wave of tech adoption to address business challenges. 

Surveying hundreds of real estate executives about their business pains and tech priorities, this survey will provide an unprecedented level of insight into how the real estate C-suite is adapting to a new tech-forward shift in the industry.

No longer the sole purview of the CTO, technology is reshaping every aspect of how real estate companies operate: from facilities to finance. More than ever, sourcing, selecting, and implementing technology involves leadership from cross-functional teams, with implications at every level of the organization. 

The survey asks real estate industry professionals to weigh in on their tech strategy, expected benefits, and long term plans.

Survey findings will be included in the 2024 North America Real Estate CXO Technology Report, coming out later this year.

If you're a technology buyer or end user in commercial or residential real estate, we invite you to join your peers in taking the survey and adding your perspective.

Respondents will be the first to receive a copy of the report once it's published.