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Applications for AI in real estate at RETCON 2023

We're excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the office track at the sold out RETCON 2023, the foremost technology conference for the real estate industry. We'll join real estate thought leaders and forward thinkers in Brooklyn, NY April 2-4 to talk technology, business, and what the future holds for real estate.

Find our team during the conference at booth #11 anytime, and catch our founder David Stifter's presentation on current applications for AI in real estate Tuesday morning.

Join us for our presentation "Realizing the Promise of AI: Current Applications in Real Estate" on Tuesday, April 4 at 10:50 am in the office track hall. View the full agenda here or in the event app if you're already registered.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous industries, and real estate is no exception. Our presentation will delve into how AI is transforming the way real estate professionals operate in today's market, and provide valuable insights into the various AI applications available for use right now.

We will showcase real-life examples of how AI is being utilized in the industry, including how it is being used to streamline processes, optimize decision-making, and improve customer experiences.

Our presentation is intended for anyone in the real estate industry who wants to gain a deeper understanding of how AI is currently being used and how it can be leveraged to improve their business.

Attendees will leave with actionable strategies for integrating AI tools into their daily operations and staying ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry.

We are honored to be part of RETCON 2023 and look forward to sharing our expertise on AI and its current applications in real estate. Contact us to learn more about PredictAP or request a demo during or after RETCON.